It’s Official..We are now R.V. Owners!

I won’t get into the absolute hell that finding and buying the right RV was for us (this will be addressed on another post), but I did want to go a little into what we bought and why we decided to buy what we did.

We bought a 1993 Winnebago Vectra Diesel 35RQ Diesel Pusher with 116K miles. It has some cosmetic issues, especially on the exterior, but for the most part it is a solid coach. The interior is in decent shape, but we intend to completely redo the décor anyway so the interior quality wasn’t a big issue for us. The big issue for us, and this is why we chose this particular coach, was the mechanical condition. The thing could look like a million dollars inside and out, but if it can’t get you to where you want to go it defeats the purpose of having an RV. If we bought a lemon, we would have to change the name of our website to, “Life in the Driveway!”, and trust me, our driveway sucks.

So why go with a diesel pusher? Truth be told, we went back and forth on this one. All of the different modes of RV have distinct advantages and disadvantages. There really isn’t a perfect RV. Every mode of RV’ing appealed to us in one way or another

What really tipped the scale for us was that a diesel pusher would be advantageous in what we predict will be many mountain pass crossings. We like being able to count on the power of the engine, the advantage of engine brakes (Jake Brakes), and the overall reliability of well maintained diesel engines. Add to that diesels maintain a higher resale value, and we were sold.

Front RV

There are some downsides to our choice. The RV is 35 feet log, which is a little more than we had planned, mostly because of National Park access. There is also a weird issue about basement storage. The rig houses its AC system in the basement, as opposed to the roof. It is not necessarily a bad thing. There is a lot of roof space free for solar panel installation, but I guess we will have to look at the pluses and minuses.

For now, that is all I have to report. When we get the coach from the dealership later this month, I will publish more pictures and items we would like to improve.


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