When We Go Full Time, How Will Society React, and Should I Care?

Because I haven’t really fine tuned this blog site, what you may or may not know about me is that I am one class away from getting a double Bachelors in Psychology and Criminal Justice. It happens that one of my last Psych classes was Social Psychology. Angie and I made the decision to go full time just before I started this class. Let me be up front here; the class brings up some serious issues. Well, not serious in the sense that I will need some treatment afterwards, but serious in the way that it feels like I am about to leave a significant source of personal validation for another.

Most people rely on a source of social acceptance to validate their actions. For instance, there are some folks out there who have posted videos about how they are off the grid and doing what makes them happy. The thing about that is, if they didn’t need at least some minor societal validation of what they were doing, they wouldn’t post the video in the first place. It’s kind of like saying, “I don’t care what other people think about me”, but instead of saying it, you post it on social media…and then you track the comments.

It has been a really mixed bag of reactions from people when I tell them we are heading out on the road. Some seem to be genuinely happy for us, while others ask me if I need a loan to get back on my feet. The ironic part here is that if I were to tell someone that I owned my own home outright, had minimal utilities and other monthly bills, and got to travel a lot, they would say how lucky I was. Until they find out I am going full time in an RV………total game changer.

What say you all? Seem like a similar situation to you?

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