Irma is a Bitch! ***Updated***

One thing Angie and I thought was a plus about going full time in an R.V. was that when disaster strikes, particularly disasters that give your heads up they are coming, you have a chance to bug out and take your house with you. Makes sense, right? Even though it makes sense, it doesn’t mean it will happen, and like most ideas, things don’t always go according to plan.

Our dear friends Mike and Jennifer reside in a 5th wheel in Key West, FL. They had heads up that Irma was coming and by all accounts did EXACLTY what they were supposed to do. Bug Out!  It’s late Friday night, and the storm is but a day away from engulfing Florida. They have made it as far as Tampa.


As I don’t have any more updates to give, I will leave this story where it is right now. I did want to pass on a tidbit that might come in handy for any of your road warriors out there. When Irma first started looking like a threat, Mike told me he was going to get out of town. Then he told me he may have to leave his house behind. I was kind of shocked at this. Pulling your house out of harms way is supposed to be a perk. Why would you choose to leave it? The answer is simple, there might not be enough gas on the route to make it halfway to Miami, let alone to safety.

Think about it. There is only one road out of Key West, and it’s a long one. With everyone else leaving, the odds are high that the gas stations will be cleaned out and you would simply run out of gas on the causeway. The moral of the story is: When in a place with limited exits, make sure you have the resources to get out of harms way without having to rely on infrastructure, such as fuel supplies.

Enough about this tonight. Angie and I are sick with worry about our friends and everyone else in Florida.



Mike and Jen fled Tampa just in time and now are waiting for the OK to make it back to Key West and see what the damage is. So far the authorities are no letting anyone come home due to lack of services and infrastructure.



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